Thursday, March 14, 2013

IPDA topics from a February 2012 tournament

It seems like my IPDA posts (for better or worse) draw the most attention, so I've decided to post things I've written as I think about / come across them. Below are a handful of topics I wrote for a tournament just over a year ago; obviously some are no longer relevant. Because they were just emailed to the tournament director in order to supplement other topics, they're unorganized - so take what you will :)

The GOP should elect Romney as their candidate.
The US should take military action in Syria.
The USFG should reform the patent system.
The US should make significant investments in nuclear power.
In politics opinions are more important than facts.
Anonymous is a force for good.
The new unemployment numbers are an accurate indicator of the economy’s long-term health.
The US should significantly reduce its nuclear stockpile.
Unions have outlived their usefulness.
An amendment should be passed to overturn Citizens United.
The 99% are irrelevant.
Censoring scientific data is never justified.
The Department of Education should require year-round primary school.
Israel should preemptively strike Iran.
The US should do more to fight online piracy.
The Super Bowl is a waste of time.
The US should intervene in Juarez.
Revitalizing the manufacturing sector is key to long term economic stability.
Coke is better than Pepsi.

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