Tuesday, January 22, 2013

IPDA topics from a December 2012 tournament.

Below are the IPDA topics I wrote for a 2012 forensics tournament. The even took place on the first weekend of December, meaning many of the resolutions are now irrelevant/without context. That said, I think they serve as a good example for the potential this format of debate. My original intention was to only include policy-oriented topics, but was encouraged to include a metaphor/value in rounds as well. More on my thought process on such later.
Round One – Flight A
1. The US should significantly reduce foreign aid to Israel.
2. The US should be able to hold talks with Hamas.
3. Facebook should put privacy before profits.
4. Google is king.
5. A guilty conscience needs no accuser. 
Round One - Flight B
1. The UN should recognize Palestine as a full member state.
2. The US should negotiate with terrorists.
3. The right to privacy is more important than the right to free speech.
4. Microsoft is King.
5. A happy heart is better than a full purse  
Round Two - Flight A
1. Citizens United v. the FEC should be overturned.
2. The Bush tax cuts should be extended.
3. China should take significant steps to address climate change.
4. Foreign policy is more important than domestic policy.
5. Beauty and Honesty Seldom Agree.  
Round Two - Flight B
1. Corporations should be stripped of their first amendment rights.
2. The USFG should implement a flat tax system.
3. The US should take significant steps to address climate change.
4. Thought is more important than action.
5. Every ass loves to hear himself bray. 
Round Three - Flight A
1. Israel should abandon its first strike policy.
2. The US should make significant changes to its immigration policy.
3. The US should significantly invest in its technology infrastructure.
4. Democracy is dead.
5. Fools and madmen speak the truth.  
Round Three - Flight B
1. Israel should stop building settlements in the West Bank
2. The US should abandon the “war on drugs.”
3. The US should significantly invest in its transportation infrastructure.
4. Give socialism a chance.
5. He is an ill companion that has a good memory  
Round Four – Flight A
1. The US should significantly decrease its use of weaponized drones.
2. The US should mandate year-round public schooling.
3. Public schools are better for education than charter schools.
4. Cheaters never prosper.
5. He Lives Long Who Lives Well  
Round Four – Flight B
1. The US should significantly decrease its military spending.
2. The Senate should confirm US Ambassador Rice for the next Secretary of State.
3. Public education services are more important than public safety services.
4. Hard work pays off.
5. Virtue is its own reward.  
Round Five – Flight A
1. The USFG should repeal DOMA.
2. The USFG should significantly reform Medicare.
3. A technical argument is better than an easily accessible argument.
4. Mother knows best.
5. Money makes the world go around.  
Round Five – Flight B
1. The US Senate should disallow the silent filibuster.
2. The USFG should significantly reform Social Security.
3. The ability to speak well preferable to the ability to write well.
4. Respect thy father.
5. The nearer to the church, the farther from God.

SF – Flight A
1. The USFG should remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act.
2. The House should pass the Senate’s tax plan.
3. Technology is making us less human.
4. Organic or bust!
5. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming  
SF  – Flight B
1. The USFG should take steps to prevent legalized marijuana possession from going into effect in Washington and Colorado.
2. The US should go over the fiscal cliff.
3. Technology will provide the answer.
4. Eat local!
5. Pain is temporary, victory is forever. 
F –
1. Mohammed Morsi should reverse his decree.
2. The US should engage militarily in Syria.
3. Progressive policy is better for America than conservative policy.
4. Lowering income inequality is more important than a healthy economy.
5. A little learning is a dangerous thing.